Posted by Approach Clothing on Feb 1st 2017

Technology-Based Workout Trends to Expect in the Near Future

As you know, Approach Clothing likes to stay ahead of fitness and fashion trends, so we decided to think a little outside of the box for this blog. We hope you enjoy…


Chances are you’ve heard of mind-blowing shows like Black Mirror, Westworld, and other futuristic Sci-Fi programs that explore the potential that technology has. For better or for worse, computer innovation is growing exponentially, and the world is embarking on a mysterious journey that is certain to be exciting.

So, with that being said, how will the fitness world be impacted? We think it could be drastic but not in a bad way. Here are some tech-based workouts we might see in our lifetimes:


As hardware and software evolve (i.e. Oculus Rift,) the Nintendo Wii will soon seem like the Sega Dreamcast of gaming technology. Wii Sports and Wii Fit were trendy ways to get gamers off of their couch for a while. The problem is, it’s not practical to play these games with friends due to the amount of space needed and the potential for breaking household items. Plus, if the living room is dedicated to imaginary tennis, it limits the entire house for others.

Imagine a time where there is wireless virtual reality headset technology that can be taken anywhere. Instead of gathering your friends to play a game of soccer, you’ll inevitably be able to strap your headset [or contact lenses?] on and play interactive games with people from across the globe. You can feel what it’s like to be Messi on the pitch, LeBron on the court, and Brady on the gridiron. Will this be refined and ready by 2017 for the masses? Doubtful. What about 2020? 2025? Now we are talking. Stay tuned… the tech-ercise industry is going to be taken to new heights in the not-so-distant future.


Currently, most workout classes like Yoga, Zumba and Spin require physically attending a gym. With the technology we currently have, why not do a group class by yourself? You may be thinking, “What the ----?! A group class… by myself? That makes no sense!” Well, you are partially right.

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You can stream live video to the masses through sites/apps such as Facebook and YouTube. You can FaceTime or Skype from your phone and do group video chats as well. So, what’s stopping you from doing group activities from the comfort of your home? Not much, believe it or not.

While some people prefer to go out to a facility to workout so they can be held accountable by their peers, others can motivate themselves at home. For those on the fence, group classes via live streaming are entirely viable options. Worst case scenario is having to go back to the gym for kickboxing. Best case scenario is making new friends while burning calories and gaining muscle right from your living room, bedroom, or basement.

These virtual workouts would even be ideal for seminars to teach the basics of sports such as lacrosse, volleyball, and field hockey! Regardless of your workout, you’re going to want some comfortable athletic attire. That’s where we come in. Our men’s and women’s athletic clothing do not sync with cell phones, but they are designed to fit athletes without hindering performance or range of motion. Call 856-261-1440 or visit our online store to learn about our newest designs.


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