Posted by Approach Clothing on Dec 16th 2016

9 Animals To Name Your Sports Team After

If you watch college or professional sports, you are aware that many teams have animal-inspired mascots. Trust us; we are enthralled with every game, and we spend most of our time doing sports-related activities

The most common names are the biggest, baddest, most ferocious creatures that nature has to offer. Lions, tigers, and bears; oh my - we get it. But, there are so many other, less mentioned beasts that deserve a little respect.

Here are 9 animals that would make a good team name for your recreational squad:

Rhinos - It’s mind-boggling how few teams utilize the rhinoceros. These things are basically dinosaurs. Equipped with an armor suit, two deadly horns, and an underrated sprint time, they encompass many characteristics you’d want in your team - strong, fast, and aggressive.

approachrhino.png(Image Source)

Sharks - Other than San Jose’s hockey team, there aren’t any pro teams representing these aquatic killers. If you want to be even more specific, give the Hammerhead some love - they look cool, which is what you want to help boost merchandise sales.

Crocodiles - This can be filed in the same category as the rhino. American Crocodiles can swim 20 MPH, and they live for up to 70 years. Quick, powerful, and long-lasting - three traits you’d love to have in your hometown’s sports franchise.

Gorillas - Monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, and other primates get no respect. They are revered as one of the most intelligent mammals on earth, yet not many sports team want them to be represented by these tree-climbing, opposable thumb-having, majestic beasts.

Pumas, cheetahs, and leopards - The NFL has the Jaguars, Lions, and Bengals (tigers), but not one of the big four American pro sports teams pay homage to pumas, cheetahs, and leopards. Could you imagine how creative you could get with these jerseys? Not only are they stylish, but they are also speedy, sly, and savage hunters.

Snakes - There are so many species of snakes to choose from; one deadlier than the next. From boa constrictors and rattlesnakes to vipers, it’s a real shame that more teams do not incorporate this fatal invertebrate as their mascot.

Scorpions - What they lack in size, they make up for in deadliness. Just picture a pile freshly printed Las Vegas Scorpions comfort color crew necks that would be perfect for softball, volleyball, or any other intramural team you can think of.

We hope that helped. If you have any other ideas or want to share your team’s stories and photos, email us at We love seeing our customers sport their team spirit on and off the field. We also love seeing them rock our spirit volleyball shirts, which can be found at many of the big sporting events across the Northeast US. To view all of our designs, visit today!