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Pick-up Volleyball 101

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We all know about pick-up basketball. Random groups of friends gather at the local park to assemble makeshift teams for some “friendly” competition. While spontaneous b-ball games are common, we shouldn’t overlook the growing popularity of pickup games in less mainstream sports like volleyball and lacrosse.

Since Approach Clothing is always up on the latest insider news when it comes to high-level athletics, we’d like to give you some basic tips to setting up regular pick-up games in your area.

Step One - Scout Venues

Before you start recruiting participants, you must have one or two places in mind to host the event. Since some courts, parks and gyms require reservations, it’s important to call them to learn the rules, procedures and fees for securing yourself a guaranteed place to play.

Some places to consider include:

  • Local Gyms, YMCAs and Boys/Girls Clubs
  • State/Township-Funded Recreation Centers and Parks
  • Nearby Beaches or Grassy Areas
  • Schools (Elementary, Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges)
  • Somebody’s House or Neighborhood Court


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Step Two - Determine The Demand

This is where you have to talk to all of the hardcore players of that sport to (1) make sure they are 100% committed and (2) have them recruit some other serious, reliable players.

The good news: It only takes six people to get a good 3-on-3 game of volleyball. Generally, 6-on-6 is the maximum you will want. As long as you can consistently get between six and 12 players, you’ll always have a game. Since volleyball is a co-ed sport, it shouldn’t be hard to find attendees.

Step Three - Solidify Rules and Utilize Structure

Although change is imminent, once you find good systems that work, stick with them. Players appreciate consistency and knowing what they are getting every time. If having two captains draft teams is working best with your group, stick to that. If they prefer randomly picking teams or playing with the same people every time, go with the flow. Communication is key.

Make sure everybody agrees on the rules and knows the point system before the game starts. This will help avoid any awkward controversies.

Step Four - Have Fun and Be Safe!

Make sure everybody brings extra water and snacks to stay properly fueled. Also, somebody else should be designated to bring a first aid kit just in case ice, bandages or Neosporin is needed. Do your research. Trial and error may seem like a headache early on, but it should only take a few weeks before you have your own pickup volley league up and running!

Everybody should chip in equally for all of the fees (court rental, equipment, etc.) If you need girls volleyball apparel, look no further -- Approach Clothing has your back. We specialize in distributing many different types of athletic gear ranging from crew and lacrosse apparel at national tournaments to selling volleyball and lacrosse clothing online.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!