Posted by Approach Clothing on Dec 16th 2016

The Basic Rules of Volleyball

As you may know, Approach Clothing is a top provider of volleyball apparel, and we take pride in releasing stylish designs that fit comfortably and last long. When we are not in the design lab, we are usually on the road attending competitive sporting events ranging from lacrosse tournaments to rowing events. When we do get free time (rarely), we find ourselves reliving our glory days by having a fun game of catch or pick up volleyball [ideally on the beach].

Sounds fun, right? Just in case you find yourself at the local YMCA engaging in some friendly sporting events, here are the basic rules of volleyball:

  • -The standard court size is 18 meters x 9 meters.
  • -Each team can strike the ball a maximum of three times per possession.
  • -The same player cannot legally hit the ball twice in a row unless the first hit was blocking a shot from the opposing team.
  • -If a ball lands on the boundary line, it is in bounds.
  • -If two players hit the ball at the same time, neither of them can hit the ball next. However, it is only considered one hit.
  • -When receiving a serve, the defending team cannot try to block or attack the ball.
  • -If the server steps on (or over) the line on a serve, it is an illegal play.
  • -Serves can be done underhand or overhand.
  • -Illegal hits also include carrying, throwing or palming the volleyball.
  • -Games are played to 25 points, and the victor must win by two points.
  • -Each team generally has 4-6 players, and rotate every time they earn the serve back. Players rotate clockwise.

There are many variations and caveats you can add to make the game different (or even more fun depending on your preferences). More advanced players can play 2-on-2 or 3-on-3. Younger, less experienced players can try Newcomb, which is a variation of volleyball. Click here to visit Wikipedia’s Newcomb Ball page to get the entire rule listing.

Oh, and we forgot one thing. Make sure you have comfortable gear on so you have maximum range of motion. Tight pants or tops can limit your efficacy. Click here to view our volleyball apparel for women. We think you will really enjoy our variety of colorful spirit volleyball sweatshirts and t-shirts!