Lacrosse Comfort Colors brand crew neck

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This item is one of our hottest sellers! It appeals to everybody from children, teens, and young adults to parents and grandparents across the world. The crew neck lacrosse sweatshirt is among our most popular items for many reasons. First of all, it's known for being the most comfortable athletic crew neck sweatshirt. It can serve many purposes. It provides warmth to individuals and still lets the body breathe. It can be worn outside in the fall and winter or for those days spent lounging around your home in spring and summer. From lacrosse practice in February to pajamas in August, this crew neck sweatshirt will always have a spot in your wardrobe’s rotation.

Secondly, this design is beloved due to its co-ed nature. It’s not just men’s or women’s lacrosse. It’s simply LACROSSE. The LAX phenomenon is for everybody and this shirt caters to athletic fans who play, watch, or support this rapidly growing sport. You can spot our designs from across the field, and it serves as a great conversation starter between parents, participants, and people passing by.

Crew neck attire provides a casual feel and is easy on the neck and shoulders. It is the universal standard for sweatshirts because of its comfort and versatility. The design also features the inception date of the sport becoming organized at schools to give a historic and nostalgic feel. In case you were wondering, organized girls’ LAX as a school sport has been around since 1890 (in Scotland!) Since then; the sport has made tremendous steps to evolve into one of the biggest high school and college sports in America.

The next time you see our booth at one of the many tournaments and LAX events we attend, come say hello and check out our new product line. We keep our prices affordable both online and in-person! Contact Approach Clothing by calling 856-261-1440. If you have any questions about our product offerings, we are happy to help seven days per week!